The most simple things I find can often be the most adorable and sort after.

~Suggested Supplies~
Macrame Natural Jute Spools in various colors – 9mm

Twine or string for trunk – 1-2mm

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Gold or Silver Embossing Thread 0.5mm

Pearls, Jewels, Gems, Tiny Buttons, Shells, Tiny Ephemera Bits, Bells, Confetti, bits & bobs

Chipboard – 250lb

Wooden Stars 1” – 2 “

Glitter or Stickles or Nuvo Glitter Drops/Accents

Any other tiny decoration you can find or make for your trees.

Cut out your tree shapes, mine were approx 5” from base to tip and 2” wide at the widest point on the tree bottom, with a 1/2” indent from both sides to form the tree trunk.

Use hot glue and glue your twine to the trunk wrapping around both sides.

Use hot glue to glue down your Jute on the tree, wrapping both sides, from bottom to the top of the tree. Attach twine to center of the top or back of 1 star for hanging. Use stars or other decoration to hide the top join. Wrap gold or silver thread around tree gluing with hot glue at the start and finish points only. Using fabric or art glitter glue attach your embellishments or glitter choices. You can also sew on buttons and bells etc. I purchased my All Natural Died Macrame Jute from Amazon for about $13.00 US per Spool.

Please Note: packing and packaging items not included in supplies list.
Happy Crafting ❤️

Hand Made Christmas Trees

By Dee

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