Free Stencil SVG’s For Cricut

Stencils:  I never really thought about utilizing them much until amazing creators like Christopher Alan – the founder of Brutus Monroe who inspired me with his amazing blending techniques, using stencils to make beautiful, backgrounds for cards.Sadly I don’t have the particular card image I saw that day, to share with you all, so you can see just how good it looked finished […]

Printable Papers “Freebie’s”

So I decided to venture into yet another unknown area and try my hand at designing my own digital papers. So far they have been working out pretty good and I’m enjoying the process.   I’ll be making more as time goes on and they are linked here for free downloading for everyone.DISCLAIMER Please remember they are ©copyright and are not […]

Comprehensive Freebies List

Sorry for the lack of posting,  My time is dedicated to so much these days and I’ll be reining my hobbies in and devoting more time to my family, PT, work and finally “sadly” crafting.  This comes with the knowledge that I have a herniated disc in my back and pretty much have to give up on some of my […]