Ai Horror -Illustration Artists

I decided to do Ai of different genres of artists and what Ai would do with a name and then reproduce. The concept is simple there will be 2 images from each artists style and every image has the exact same prompt, with said artist style. Remembering that if Ai doesn’t recognize an artist or style it will throw a random image at you, that may be nothing to do with your subject or style.

I have also added a couple of them with 2 or more artist styles combined to see the effects, of mixing and mashing artists styles.

The Prompt albeit simple is really just so you can visually see each different artist’s style. These artists are not known for their illustration prowess of women, rather they are known for horror, SciFi, Fantasy, as well as gaming illustration, movie sound board illustration, surrealism, comic and book illustration.
All work is raw Ai with no post editing of any kind, the results will have imperfections like weird eyes, extra digits, etc…. I purposely do this, so you can see it’s not a perfect science, 1 button push instant Art, it requires several hours of post edit work and fixes. To make the decision to use Ai, means you must have decent photo or art editing software available.


A Woman, In The Style Of “Add Artist Name”, highly detailed background with small unimposing flowers

####End Prompt####

Category 1 – Horror Artists – known for Horror and Surrealistic Horror Artwork

Mark Ryden

Ben Templesmith

Gris Grimly


Gustave Doré

Junji Ito

Graham Ingels

Guy Davis

Mike Ploog

Richard Corben

H.R. Giger

Basil Gogos

Gene Colan

Matthew Dow Smith

Meghan Hetrick

Ron Mark

Bernie Wrightson

Mike Mignola

Stephen Bissette

Pär Olofsson

John Totleben

Chet Zar

Ally Burke

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