Arteza “EXPERT” Colored Pencil Set Issues

 Firstly I would like to say a big thank you and shout out to Kristopher Michaels, he was the person who brought my attention to this problem. I watched his Arteza  dilemma video on YouTube (linked below). This led me to Lori’s and Lindsey’s thoughts on this as well. So shout outs to Lindsey Weirich from “The Frugal Crafter” and […]

My Crafty Bestie!

Originally Posted January 2020 I’m pretty sure most Crafter’s have that one friend they like to brag about… Well my crafty friend is very creative in every way, she does a little bit of everything and is probably the most organised person I know, quite unlike me who seems to have chaos in the craft room.. She also plans parties […]

Craft Room Updates Oct-Nov 2019

I got new furniture for my craft room.. Gary out did himself and decked me out with the beginning to a much better crafty fun place! I love him he’s amazing… My Old Craftroom Click Here to View Supplies I used (Ikea):  4 Alex Drawer Units  2 Lindman Table Tops Kalex Shelving Unit 4 x 4 Plastic Bag Holders for Vinyl  […]

Bowling With PBA’s Dom Barrett

At USBC Open Syracuse NY We had the pleasure and honor of bowling the team event with one of  Track’s Bowling Team Members and International PBA Bowling Superstars  from England, UK. “Dom Barrett”I can’t believe he was my teamie lol He was super humble, super nice,  gave us some thoughts and tips on bowling internationally and at our level..  He was […]

Not Craft Related – Bowling

So As my “About Me” page mentions,  I’m a League Ten Pin Bowler  and I also work in a Bowling Pro Shop, which can be fun 🙂In the last 2 times bowling league I have shot really well 4 Games for 872 Series – Avg 218 per Game and 3 Games for 710 Series – Avg 236 per GameI’ve been […]