About Jennifer”Maker” Marx
~ Jennifer is famous for her JenniferMaker Brand, she is so innovative and inspiring. She is a top selling author, an artist, a papercrafter, a designer, a cardmaker, a Cricut specialist, a flower creator, a home decor creator, a bookmaker, an organization genius and so much more, but her most important role is being a mum to her teenage daughter. She hails from Ann-Arbor Michigan and has been crafting, “making” since she was a child. JenniferMaker (her artistic name) has been at the forefront of online crafting videos, tutorials, for many years, especially those in relation to cutting machines & tools like those from the Cricut Brand. She is well known for very large paper florals and home decor. She has a huge, fun personality, is very likable, helpful, social, and very talented.

Jennifer”Maker” Marx’s Online World
~ Jennifer has a massive online presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. I Found Jennifer on YouTube in 2019 and she was my go to, to try and figure out everything I could do with my Cricut Maker and Easy Press. I learned a lot from her and it was very easy to follow her instructions. She has a wonderful blog filled with inspiration and information. She teaches online creativity classes and courses, that you can sign up and purchase as well as designs and products. She only endorses products she uses herself and she is also an Amazon LLC Associate. Jennifer also provides thousands of free video tutorials, detailed step by step tutorials, svg and other designs & patterns, a huge array of paper crafting tutorials, free printables, Cricut tutorials, random tricks & tips, product use, software use, better organization and storage etc. Jennifer has been featured in magazines, has been a special guest on tv & has been featured on online sites, some include: First For Women, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Buzz Feed, Craftgawker, 5 Minute Crafts and more. Click On the Links below to learn about Jennifer “Maker” Marx and visit her online world.

By Dee

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