Every year I make cards and give goodies to my bowling teams. I also bake them treats so the production line begins in the craft room, shifts to the great room(space) and ends up in the kitchen. My living area resembles a crafting production line for several months, but I just don’t have big space anywhere else to get it done.

This year because I had medical issues, firstly breaking my foot, then blood clots and Edema in my foot and leg afterwards, then I got meningitis and I’m still not 100% but certainly much better. Given those circumstances this year I really only made cards, giftcard holders, luggage neoprene personalized handle huggers, and the gift bags n tags. To add to the fun though, I bought everyone handmade wooden tree ornaments, scratch offs, a chocolate assortment I placed in one of the Ikea Scandinavian twin tin set, that I will also be adding Fudge, and Pretzel Caramel Bites too. Usually I photograph everyone’s stuff, but this year I will just be doing one bag as they are all pretty much the same. The pictures below are the gift bags and cards during production, be on the look out for more photos of the gifting production line.

Happy Crafting

~ Dee

By Dee

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