The First thing I must say is ” I’m not a crafter by nature in any way shape or form! I ten pin bowl, play cornhole, take photographs randomly when my mood agrees with the camera and I’m generally never one to get excited about paper or vinyl!!  For Christmas my amazing fella gifted me a Cricut Maker, let me tell you that thing does a lot of stuff!  I’ve discovered 2 major things in the last couple of months, firstly: I am actually enjoying this crafting journey, I’m slowly getting my tootsies wet, and I know this process will take a lot of time and effort given the only crafty things I’ve ever done was make Fall and Christmas Wreath’s for the door last season! (Thanks to MayMay and Vince, Her tutorials on wreath’s are fantastic!!) 
I also learned very fast that Crafting is expensive and now I’ve started using my Cricut, I think it could be addictive and I’ll be somewhat bankrupt by the time its all said and done lol!  I’m sharing my projects here as I go, so I have a way to monitor my own progress and of course learn and get better (bigger lol)  “I’M LIKE.. THE WORST!!!”  I’ve made a project from the Cricut Access Account, which was a cute card for my fella, and then for Valentine’s Day, I made the treat heart box (Thanks to Dreaming Tree For the Free SVG and tutorial, Their site and tutorials are amazing. )  The cute snack box and card are both Cricut Access designs.( I highly recommend signing up for Cricut Access)! I’m really happy (small lie here) with how they turned out for my first projects and my fella loved them. I’ll be adding to my blog as my journey continues.  
Now these may looks somewhat ok to the normal person but here’s a list of the errors.
Wreath It is fraying , the tubey fill stuff is literally shrinking lol… The small accents keep falling off, so, it has more hot glue on it then a store sells….
Heart Box The paper is bubbly and bowed and doesn’t sit right, There are gaps everywhere, you can see a lot of glue, the heart on top is not centered right and the bottom looks like it went for a stroll in sticky greyish mud, LOL
Card If you look carefully, it is not lined up correctly and you can see the white cardstock base!!

Originally Posted On my Old Blog January 2019

By Dee

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