I don’t know about you but I was struggling with how to store vinyl and if you look in my craft room I have this holder on my wall…  I had only just made it pre-photo’s so I thought I’d share the close up image and where the idea came from..

Firstly:  this vinyl holder was fun to make and didn’t take me very long at all. It seems to be holding up really well thus far, and for something made from very simple items, I’m very pleased with it..

Secondly: I got my idea from Corinne Blackstone,  who has a wonderful youtube video with a step by step guide  on how to put this cute craft room idea together.. I’m not sure if she’s the very original person who came up with this idea,  however I found her tutorial to be very easy to follow so I’m linking her 🙂

Corinne’s Video
My Vinyl Holder “Below”

Enjoy and Happy Crafting. 🙂

Originally Posted On my Old Blog May 2019

By Dee

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