Pickets Fences new tool release for March 2023 will be Paper Pouncers. Which imho really should be called medium or ink pouncers, as these are a tool for direct ink application on intricate die cuts, stencils, and more. It is a very Quick and easy way to apply water based ink, watercolors, & embossing ink. You pounce the ink directly onto your surface, rather than blend, although from my research they can be used as blenders. The high-quality sponge will not tear or snag delicate die cuts or stencils. For targeted control, hold where the handle meets the sponge! they are easy to use because Paper Pouncers are ergonomic in design for easy application. This is ideal for anyone with hand, wrist, or elbow issues, the pouncing motion is a gentle action.

My Summary

Although these are not a new item on the market, they are new to Picket Fences who offer bright colored covers and stems which do look vibrant & pretty, vs the make-up, blender puffs on Amazon, Etc…which are black with white/muted colored foam and clear or black covers. You can also purchase them from Local King Rubber Stamps, who released their blenders known as Magic Mushrooms several years ago and they have clear covers, black stems and color coded sponges. I have the foam mushroom makeup blenders (mine were black with white foam & black covers)that I purchased from Amazon, I used them a couple of times to stencil onto metal with acrylics and they worked fine for that purpose. I do not own nor have I tried the Local King Rubber or Picket Fences brands. I don’t know if any of them are different from the other in quality, size, or foam longevity. I do know You can purchase the Local King Rubber Magic Mushrooms with or without stands for them to sit in, which the other two do not offer. I could not find the exact same ones I have on Amazon as mine are over 5 years old but I have linked a similar item.

Please Note –

I am not affiliated with Picket Fences, Local King Rubber or Amazon and my opinions are my own. I purchased mine from Amazon in 2018 for $10.99 for 9, The Local King Magic Mushrooms are $39.99 for the 10 pack, $49.99 with the stands and the Picket Fences are $39.99 for the pack of 9 brights and $12.99 for the 3 pack of neutrals. You can be the judge of which brand you prefer to purchase, according to your needs and ascetics.

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Want to see how the Picket Fences Paper Pouncers work? Join  Nicole Petersen on March 14th as she goes through all the new products at Picket Fences Studios.

By Dee

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