So I’ve been doing some Ai Generated Images to create designs for card fronts and eventually papers etc. the one interesting thing is that it can be a fast push of the “generate” button for the result or you can spend hours and hours trying to get the perfect image by tweaking your prompts. There are many Ai generated places to go to make great images, and for the ease of use, I chose “Imagine Ai” for these prompts, as it has a free trial to use to create images.
These are simple, basic prompts, that I have used several times and I know they work well.

Not all results will be exactly like mine, but tweak and play and your results will be very close.

Always remember with Ai, you must have a subject matter, a style, and then add in your details, like brunette hair or cogs etc…

You can add in the likeness of “insert someone’s famous name” and Ai will try to get very close to resembling that person or thing.
Using “In the style of” you can name an era, like “1900s” a particular style, like “steampunk” an art style like “Renaissance” or an artists name, like “Rembrandt”

Putting it all together.

“An Illustration of A woman, holding an umbrella, standing in the rain, in the likeness of Bella Hadid, in the style of Rembrandt”

Now it’s not perfect, but remember you can tweak your prompt to help it along, use negative prompts and upscale for more details, and using post editing tools like Affinity, Gimp or Photoshop will help you produce quality images. The prompted images below just like the one above, have no post editing done.
Here are the 4 prompts using, animals, landscape, human and vehicles with an airbrush art style. I hope these help you, enjoy and happy crafting.

Prompt 1: – Very Cute Mouse and Boot.


“Airbrush art watercolor: scruffy mice rummaging around and in a worn old boot with holes. Retro, stunning, masterpiece art, mice that are scruffy and dirty, cute mice, old leather worn boot with holes, grunge colors and background.”

###End Prompt###

Prompt 2: A dark Ruby red palette with rock formations and steps or stairs.


“Dark Palette Ruby Airbrush art: Suspension glossy flat rock Stairways joining cliffs in landscape solitude silhouette scene in the style of Ben Goossens – – AR”

###End Prompt###

Prompt 3: A Steampunk Car


“Airbrush Art: A Steampunk Car, with rust, peeling paint, cogs, rivets, parked on the docks of a steampunk shipping factory, by the sea at sunset, steampunk style, steampunk world, in the style of mad max movies, steampunk background.”

###End Prompt###

Prompt 4: A beautiful woman under a tree.


Airbrush Art: A beautiful woman with sharp clear eyes, standing under a willow tree, on a sunny spring day, photo realistic, high detail.

###End Prompt###

Please note all the above images are ©️deewalsh 2023 and Card-Tastic 2023

By Dee

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