So if you sign up for Canva it has Magic tools and one of the tools allows you to remove the background of an image. It’s very basic, one click and it’s usually pretty good at doing so. The great thing is you can then save your new image as png, gif, jpeg, raw, etc and also save it with a translucent background.

Fantastic for creating ephemera I want to cut out in my Brother scan and cut and useful for PSP tube makers.

The image was made using Ai and is ©️Deezaster Http://

which is me, but for the sake of rules it’s part of my pixie collection at Deviant Art.

Here is an example of what Canva can do.

So as you can see the original image was quite busy and the second image is a translucent background.

Hope this helps, Happy Crafting ~Dee

By Dee

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