So I’m going to post my latest cards here all together, I’ve made a few i forgot to take pictures of and I’m in the process of some others, but here is my small collection! 

My favorite to make was the Stilletto Shoe card from Dreaming Tree  (They seriously make the very best designs to play with and their customer service is amazing.) 

The Easter Bunny Card is also from Dreaming Tree , 

The Balloon Card is from SVGCuts

The Bicycle Card, Happy Birthday Card and Easter Card are all from Cricut Access.


I didn’t line the shoe up perfectly onto the Shoe Card base so its a little skewed, and you can see some cardstock edges.. The Balloon Card was a toughy and not all the panels are lined up correctly so some are a little crooked…

The Easter Bunny Card is fine but the paper wrinkled a little bit.. The Easter Card is not lined up in the middle quite right, and the sentiment stamp inside blurred…

The Happy Birthday Card I glued on upside down, so it opened backwards, hence to say they got a store bought card as I didn’t have time to fix it, and wasn’t quite sure how I could to make it work.. lol

The bicycle back panel isn’t on straight and I wasn’t happy with the wheels.. So as much as I’m still making mistakes, only I really noticed the small ones.. which is okay by me lol

Okay so there’s a little sample of things I’ve made, follow the links to make you very own.. 

Happy Crafting 🙂

Originally Posted On my Old Blog April 2019

By Dee

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