I know we are always searching for quick tips, tricks, storage solutions and so on…

So I’m going to share with you, some quick and simple tips to help you in your craftroom.

I truly hope these help you, I know they have made my life much easier.
Happy Crafting 😀


  1. Use rubber bands to hold your ribbon, and prevent it from unraveling off the spool. Wrap the rubber band across the width of the spool, horizontally, it will act like a gate and prevent your ribbon from rolling away and looking messy.
  2. Use items around your home, like small jars to contain mini flowers etc. I use KT Tape plastic containers that my rolls of KT Tape come in, they are the perfect size for small paper flowers and other small items.
  3. To avoid smudging ink, paint, embossing powder etc, you can use post it notes to hold or maneuver your card while working on them. This will not only prevent you smudging an area you worked on but keep your fingers clean.
  4. Use acetate, or other non stick surfaces to pre-dot your Nuvo Drops, Pop Dots, Ranger Pearl Dots etc, you can make sheets of them in different colors and sizes and save them for use at a later time, it’s like having your very own half backed pearls or dots.
  5. Add a few grains of rice into your powder products, like Perfect Pearls, Mica Powders, Shimmer Powders, Embossing Powders etc, this will keep moisture out and increase your powder’s shelf life.
  6. Use mini spray atomizer bottles to house thinned paint for splatters, not only can you make your own spritz, just add the paint, water and shake it, it will keep for quite sometime, but you can also open the bottle lid and flick the little tube to get the perfect splatter.
  7. Buy a silicone Pot Mat, and rest your glue gun on this when you are preheating and gluing, it will catch any drips, drops, and strings, preventing damage to your other surfaces, and once the glue has cooled it literally falls off, so it is very easy to cleanup.

Image Courtesy Of PNGTREE

By Dee

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