I am pretty sure I am not the only person in the world left wondering……

Do I Have Them All???
I truly don’t have full set syndrome, but one of my only true goals was to get all the Copic sketch marker collection. I figured something that expensive seems to indicate, it is worth having all of them.
Well I have spent 3 years trying to collect them all, and I think I have hit the goal, but have I?

I mean how do you truly know… Is there an amount and if so how many, or like Distress Oxide Ink Pads, do they keep coming up with new colors several times a year? It’s such a Dilemma!!

I will start collecting the refills next, so there is that, but are they like the markers, with so many sets and single purchases, is there an actual amount of them you need to have, to have a full set. I guess I will do more research on this and figure that part out too! I also need to learn to use them better, I try but my coloring skills are very amateur-ish at best 🥴🥴🥴

Ohhh and then there is “the paper”, sheesh! It’s a fact that the paper is the ultimate and hardest choice. Right now I have Neenah Solar White 110lb and I also have the Copic brand of Paper, and Hammermill, Springhill, Staples100lb all of which are smooth white, and say they are great for alcohol marker coloring, but are they?
I’ve watched so many videos on the right paper and I still have no idea… it’s all so confusing at times. Despite my best efforts, at figuring it all out and still feeling lost, I guess I am hoping that I at least have all the colors to truly begin the Copic coloring journey, and pray one of the papers – Card-stock I have purchased will be “ The One!”
On a side note, my other big late 2022 purchase was Karin Brush Markers, and I still have not attempted to use them quite yet. They are so beautifully packaged it’s hard to want to mess with them, and again the paper issue arises, cold press, hot press it’s depressing lol….but hopefully with some serious research I am hoping to try them in the near future.

Let me know your thoughts ~
Happy Crafting


By Dee

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