Originally Posted January 2020

I’m pretty sure most Crafter’s have that one friend they like to brag about… Well my crafty friend is very creative in every way, she does a little bit of everything and is probably the most organised person I know, quite unlike me who seems to have chaos in the craft room..

She also plans parties and functions better than anyone I know, so she’s an all rounder in most aspects of her life. Sadly she doesn’t have a blog, but it is something I will be talking to her about and hopefully she can put some of her creative ideas, tips and tricks out there for everyone to learn from.

We recently did our first craft class together at Violets Scrapbooking Store where we live and while she was so perfectly organised and doing the craft project with ease and flawlessly…  I was totally the opposite, I had a mess on the table, fluff and bits everywhere and am still finding hot glue in my  hair 3 days later..

I was a web of hot glue trails, while she was neat and tidy, not a hair out of place.. Total opposites, but we did manage to get the job done in time!

The project was for Valentine’s day and it was simply adorable..

I promise as soon as V-Day is over I will post my creation, but as it is a gift for my boyfriend, I can’t reveal it just yet..

So I’m posting a great pic of me and my crafty bestie..

Meet Jodi she is amazing, a wonderful friend and I hope a future blogger..
Happy Crafting 🙂

By Dee

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