I got new furniture for my craft room.. Gary out did himself and decked me out with the beginning to a much better crafty fun place! I love him he’s amazing…

My Old Craftroom Click Here to View

Supplies I used (Ikea):

  •  4 Alex Drawer Units 
  • 2 Lindman Table Tops
  • Kalex Shelving Unit 4 x 4
  • Plastic Bag Holders for Vinyl 
  • Bracket Shelving and Buckets

Ikea is my new bestest friend
Its a work in progress but its slowly coming together and excuse the mess,  I’ve been getting it organised, now that  I have so many drawers and shelves,   However I guarantee I’ll fill this all up and  still need more lol

New Room Snaps:

 Kalex 4 x 4 Unit

 Where I moved the old cube storage

 Vinyl Love  – Plastic Bag Holders From Ikea

 Bracket Shelves and Buckets Now holds all my painting stuff

Its hard to see my desk tops and the Alex drawers…  With all the moving there’s clutter spots while I organise,   but the 4 Alex drawers are underneath  and I can literally sit around the whole unit, its like a crafting island.. This room is tiny, so its hard to even get in here to get any good pictures..   I’m excited, new pics when its finished soon..

Originally Posted On my Old Blog November 2019

By Dee

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